“NIKO” comes from the Greek and is pronounced “nee-ko.” It means, “to subdue, conquer, overcome, or get the victory.”A NIKO lets you learn in the classroom of life by “doing” instead of only listening. It will challenge you in your personal walk with God and others through hands-on experiences.NIKO was founded in 1985 in Hawaii as a program of King’s Kids International to train Outreach teams before they went overseas by taking them out of their comfort zone and teach them about Surrender for better Teamwork and Servant Leadership.It was then exported to other parts of the world where it has seen growth and diversification through the years. It is now run in over 30 countries around the world.

The main forms of NIKO are:


  • Outdoor Camp (or in the city)
  • 4-5 days
  • For age 12 and up
  • Learning about Teamwork, Leadership, Surrender and Servanthood


  • Outdoor Camp
  • 5-6 days
  • For those who have done and lead Niko 1
  • Learning about keeping your personal life in order, strengthening your personal relation with God, solving upcoming challenges in the audience of One


  • Outdoor Camp
  • 5-6 days
  • For already existing teams
  • Learning and reflecting on the way your team functions, your leadership and how you as a team could grow in establishing the Kingdom of God in your own and other cultures

Urban NIKO:

  • Urban Setting
  • 3-4 days
  • For age 16 and up
  • Learning about Surrender, God’s heart for cities, Injustice and Indifference, the way we look at others and how we deal with the way others look at us.

Family NIKO:

  • Outdoor Camp
  • 5 days
  • For age 5 and up
  • Learning about Decision Making, How to show love and encourage others, Developing Faith in our Family, Teamwork and Commissioning.

Other forms of NIKO like “Father & Son NIKO”, “Narnia NIKO”, “Old Testament NIKO”, etc… have started in different locations around the world.

NIKO has been and still is a great tool to train different groups of people like:

  • KKI Teams/Staff
  • PCYM Students
  • DTS’s or other YWAM schools outreach teams
  • Church groups, youth groups
  • High-School, University Students
  • Bible College Students
  • Corporate groups
  • Sports Teams


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