Values and Principles

The beliefs, core values and supportive principles of KKI are the expression of our basic beliefs, coupled with specific directives given to us by God since KKI was founded in 1976. They form the heart of our foundational convictions, relationships, lifestyle and expressions of ministry. They are rooted in God’s written word, the Bible, and have been confirmed to be the framework of our mandate through many formative experiences.

Values refer to those biblical principles that have distinctive significance in our ministry. They provide us with a definition of our identity, purpose, way of making decisions and guidelines for loving and serving God and our fellow man. As such, they have been given a dominant position. Our basic beliefs and other principles, while also important in the understanding of our ministry, include truths that may be common to other believers and other ministries as well.It is our hope that successive generations will learn to know, love, trust and obey God in accordance with these beliefs, values and principles. We further pray that they will take them into their hearts and learn to access the grace of God to faithfully apply them to their everyday living and expressions of love.

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  1. Knowing God Intimately and Bringing Him Joy

We were created for the Lord – to know and love Him. It is good news that God Our Father has provided a way of salvation for us and has revealed Himself to us through His Son, Jesus Christ, and through His Word, made alive to us by the Holy Spirit. Through these He desires to make known to us His character and nature, inviting us to enter into an intimate relationship with Him. In this relationship we draw near to Him in order to discover the desires of His heart, learning to live and walk with Him. We bring Him joy through who we are in Him and our daily response of faith, focused on fulfilling the desires of His heart.


  1. Discipleship Training in the Context of Daily Living

Being a follower of Jesus means to take up our cross daily and follow Him, to be wholeheartedly committed to loving and obeying Him, and to learn how to think, speak, and act out of the life we have in Jesus, all of which brings Him joy. We understand that discipleship happens best in close mentoring relationships through our example and personal life sharing, as we welcome those of all ages to walk with us in all of life, including in our friendships, family, local church, missional community and various outreach expressions.


  1. The Destiny and Spiritual Capacity of Children, Preteens and Teenagers

God’s view of the spiritual capacity of children and youth can be very different from our human perspective of them. We have the privilege of seeing them from a biblical perspective, through Jesus’ eyes, in order to love them with His love and welcome them to walk with us and with Him. Then, together with us, they can experience and know their Heavenly Father. This enables them to develop into their true God-intended potential through the various stages of their lives, and to fulfil the destiny God has purposed and prepared for them.


  1. The Importance of Family

We recognize the strategic role that the biological family has in the formation, equipping and release of children, youth, parents and grandparents into God’s intended loving purposes for their lives now and in eternity. We also honor the vital role that the biological family has in providing a foundational catalyst for God-honoring Kingdom living and sharing within a community and beyond into the nations. Families who have learned to love, trust and obey God have often been at the center of God’s Kingdom advance throughout history.


  1. Linking the Generations

We deeply value and promote the linking of generations through the nurturing of intergenerational relationships in both the biological and spiritual family and in all of life. We recognize that relationships between the generations are so important that they literally make the difference between a nation being cursed or blessed. This linkage between the generations strongly determines the degree to which God is glorified and how effectively He and His Kingdom can be known throughout all people groups and nations.


  1. Nurturing Communities

We value the nurturing of Kingdom community life in its various expressions. These are communities of Jesus followers who are called by God to be covenantal in their relationships and missional as they reach out. By covenantal we mean learning to love and live wholeheartedly committed to Jesus and one another, the way Jesus loves and faithfully walks with us, as we are discipled by Him and one another. By missional we mean giving and serving with the Father the way Jesus did – within and beyond the community – in ways that delight God and extend His Kingdom, as we learn together to live and share the unshakable Kingdom of God.


  1. Team Leadership

We value intergenerational teamwork at every level of leadership. We believe it provides wisdom, safety and creativity. We value team leadership that nurtures the leaders’ relationship with God and one another through what they model and how they serve. We believe that loving relationships between leaders strongly encourages love and service toward God, one another and beyond. We resolve to make room for and recognize younger emerging leaders while we continue to honor and relate meaningfully with those who are older, including those who serve in advisory eldership capacities. We believe in healthy leadership transitions as we learn to walk together as intergenerational leadership teams that practice both generational partnering as well as generational transfer.


  1. Reaching Out

The KKI ministry is committed to making Jesus known to all people and extending His Kingdom everywhere. It is a call to everyone, with a desire to see Him worshiped where He isn’t and for His rule to shape every part of our lives. We also desire to see the transformation of every sphere of influence in all societies and cultures. Reaching a lost and broken world begins in the heart of God, who “so loved the world that He gave His only Son” to dwell among us! We desire to fulfill our part in helping to complete the Great Commission, the last thing on earth Jesus commanded us to do, and are looking forward to welcoming Him back.

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