Values and Principles

The beliefs, core values and supportive principles of KKI are the expression of our basic beliefs, coupled with specific directives given to us by God since KKI was founded in 1976. They form the heart of our foundational convictions, relationships, lifestyle and expressions of ministry. They are rooted in God’s written word, the Bible, and have been confirmed to be the framework of our mandate through many formative experiences.

Values refer to those biblical principles that have distinctive significance in our ministry. They provide us with a definition of our identity, purpose, way of making decisions and guidelines for loving and serving God and our fellow man. As such, they have been given a dominant position. Our basic beliefs and other principles, while also important in the understanding of our ministry, include truths that may be common to other believers and other ministries as well.It is our hope that successive generations will learn to know, love, trust and obey God in accordance with these beliefs, values and principles. We further pray that they will take them into their hearts and learn to access the grace of God to faithfully apply them to their everyday living and expressions of love.

For the complete listing of the values and principles, download here.

1. Loving God

We want to know him and bring him joy.
Our primary desire is to love and obey God.

2. Life Training

Daily life provides many opportunities to be trained as followers of Jesus.
We believe discipleship is mainly relational and happens in everyday life.

3. No ordinary child

Children, preteens and teenagers have a God-given destiny and spiritual capacity.
We believe the emerging generations can know, love and serve God.

4. Families

Families are important.
We believe the biological family is foundational to life and represents the best context for training the emerging generations.

5. Better Together

Linking the generations.
We believe the linking of generations across the spiritual family is vital to living and sharing the Kingdom of God.

6. Community

Living Life ‘Knit Together’
God didn’t give us a rescue plan for saving the earth – he saved the earth by inviting us into community!

7. Teamwork

Leading and partnering together.
We believe teamwork at every level of leadership provides wisdom, safety and creativity.

8. Reaching Out

Make Jesus known to all people
We believe that the Good News about Jesus and his Kingdom is to good to be kept for ourselves. We want to share it.

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