OK Diagram

From the beginning, God led us as KKI to engage with three main spheres of life:
  1. What was happening in our midst as YWAM/KKI,
  2. What was happening in the homes of the families we were relating to,
  3. What was happening in the gathered church.

We came up with a very simple diagram to show how we can bring together what happens in the home, in the church and in specialized discipleship ministries like YWAM/KKI: We call it the OK diagram.

In the gathered church, we recognize cycles of truths and teachings the whole church is going through during the year. We want to invest in local churches and are ready to partner and train them in the areas of spiritual family (linking and transfer between the generations), of biological family (how can we train the families of the church to know, love and serve God during the week and adopt a lifestyle that brings joy to His heart) and of discipleship (how can we train the different age group and lead them in a proven knowledge of God. We do this in passing on principles (why do we want to do that) and programs (how can we do that).

In the biological family, we want to strengthen and equip families to live their faith at home and encourage them to gather friends and people around them to extend their family life with others, creating home groups (that can be intergenerational) where mutual support, encouragement and accountability can be lives out in a smaller group, under the supervision of the local church.

KKI is represented as the center of the K, connected with local churches and families. It could have an identity of its own, like an office or a community center. KKI so becomes a platform serving these churches and families, training them to live the kingdom values the Lord has given us, and mobilizing them into practical steps of service into local, national or international outreaches. KKI can become a catalyst to promote unity and cooperation between the churches. We could also become a place of convening of different ministries wanting to connect with the families and churches we are linked with.

So we see KKI as a service platform and a catalyst in the community, engaging with families and with the larger local church, sharing the task of reaching, training and mobilizing the next generation together.

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