Reaching Out


Make Jesus known to all people
We believe that the Good News about Jesus and his Kingdom is to good to be kept for ourselves. We want to share it.

Worship must be an integral part of each day – worship that is not self-focused, but shares in the heart of God. As the team members begin to feel God’s heart and see that He is grieved for a hurting world, they will be led to intercede and be involved in spiritual warfare on behalf of those to whom they will minister. The natural overflow of this love for God will show itself in a desire to reach out to other people and share the love of God with them. The young people of the 21st century have a specific role to play in completing the Great Commission and influencing all spheres of society with the values of God’s Kingdom. We as leaders must recognize that it is God’s desire to use the child-like faith and simplicity of young people to break through some of the hardest spiritual barriers (Psalm 8:2). We must be careful not to “shelter” children from experiences where they will see God’s miraculous power at work. It is often in the midst of the darkest surroundings that the glory of God will shine the brightest, as the children and young people declare who God is to them. We believe that God has a destiny and a calling for the youth of this generation. Young people should be encouraged not to settle for second best, but to be radical in their commitment to obey the Lord.

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