Leading and partnering together.
We believe teamwork at every level of leadership provides wisdom, safety and creativity.


The key to effective team leadership is positive, loving relationships which foster a heart to serve one another. Working in plurality of leadership provides a balance in decision making. No decision should be concluded without seeking the Lord’s specific direction and ensuring there is complete agreement by all parties on the leadership team. Although the outreach leader carries the final decision-making responsibility, the daily leadership of the team should be shared by those responsible for different areas. This allows the young people to receive instruction through a variety of leadership styles. The leadership structures and responsibilities, however, must be clear to the staff and team participants to avoid any confusion. As the care of the young people is of great consequence, it is important that those in leadership be adequately trained for their area of responsibility. They must be fully aware of all safety and liability measures and take full accountability while they are in supervision of the team.

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