From the Founder’s Pen – Changing of Leadership Structure

Dear KKI Global Ministry Family,

Warm greetings!

We recognize that we are now in the midst of an extremely important transitional process– a journey with Our Father in learning how to best serve and lead our diverse, growing, precious KKI Global Ministry Family in ways that will need to be different from how KKI has been led over the past 35 years, since our first KKI ILT was formed.

This involves a Jesus way of living and sharing God’s Kingdom across the generations, and includes further strengthening the capacity of our KKI Regional Leadership Teams to serve in ways that effectively nurture and support their local KKI communities and programs. This process is intended to be supported and further strengthened by our now-forming Founders Fellowship Circle and other related emerging initiatives.

We trust that in our continued next steps with Our Heavenly Father, He will enable us to further develop these things with Him–in His presence and through the resurrection life and power of Jesus–so that we become and do what will bring Him great joy and fulfill the longings He has in His heart for us.

This is also a time when many are facing multiple challenges and uncertain changes in their own personal lives and ministry expressions.

In the midst of these challenging realities, we have reason to be encouraged and hopeful concerning our future with Him and each other because of who He is, His presence with us, the clear sense of direction and priorities He has been sharing with us over the past few years, and the significant steps He has already been enabling us to take with Him.

For the service and leadership of those who have served us so faithfully–particularly since our time together at Fortify in West Africa, as part of our KKI ILT and IST–we are deeply grateful, and bless each of you with the reward of Our Father’s joy over you and our deep whole-hearted appreciation!

The steps we have taken in recent years as a KKI Global Ministry Family include the following:

  1. Further clarifying and strengthening our KKI Core biblically-based values and supportive principles.
  2. The privilege of reviewing these values/supportive principles, and covenanting together to apply them in our lives and ministry, which we did during last summer’s ILA in Alexandria as well as in other follow-up gatherings. During this process we have recognized them to be foundational, not only for our KKI programs but also for all of life, as we are learning to live and share Our Father’s Unshakable Kingdom in growing ways as a KKI Global Ministry Family.
  3. Launching and continuing to develop new strategic KKI International Circles (10 so far) that are enabling us to strengthen one another further–across our regions, nations and emerging communities– in vital ways.
  4. We have also begun intentionally strengthening some of our Regional Leadership Teams. This was evidenced by the very positive participation by a number of them during last year’s ILA, and is also shown by the way some have begun nurturing their relationships within their regional leadership teams–together providing further support for what is happening in their regions.
  5. Strategically identifying and strengthening a growing number of emerging KKI Covenantal Missional Communities, some of which are beginning to develop “Come and See” equipping opportunities within their region.
  6. Further development of our very effective KKI International Service Team, which has provided us with a well-designed website, Facebook site, seasonal direct communication and excellent facilitating services for our various international gatherings. The IST is now in the process of raising up similar service teams within our various regions, plus developing further communication tools, including apps.
  7. Our series of KKI International Zoom Gatherings throughout the Covid season and today, which have provided inspirational input and supportive understanding of our times, including how we can take next developmental steps together. We have also had, and still have, our on-going International Monthly Prayer Times together, which help enable our KKI Global Ministry Family to encourage and strengthen one another in prayer and worship, as we stand together in faith for all that our Father has promised and purposed for us and through us.

To undergird these developments and provide us with a broad basis of vision for the future, our Father has been leading us into a further understanding of His Unshakable Kingdom, giving us practical steps we need to take as we prepare to face and overcome further global challenges. He is leading us to make important intentional preparation for what may prove to be the most important time of Kingdom development and multiplication the world has ever seen, in preparation for a coming global spiritual awakening and with it, final steps of preparation for Jesus’ return.

In regards to all of this, we have come to recognize again that “We have never been this way before” as individuals, as families, as communities, as a ministry, and even as a world. We are in a time of unprecedented change when we need Him more than ever. Thankfully He is with us!

Our hope is to be able to cross over beyond present unknowns and possible barriers into what our Father has prepared for us with Him into the future. We are grateful for what has happened in the past, and for what we have received and experienced so far. We recognize the necessity of preparing our hearts so that we might be able to follow very closely the Ark of His Presence through the changes that we believe necessitate greater leadership responsibility being entrusted to those serving regionally, nationally and locally. Our perspective is that in time, with the changes that have already begun and those which will still be coming in our world, only what is rooted locally in an Unshakable Kingdom way will be truly sustainable, enabling us to effectively live and multiply the Kingdom of God in ways our Father is truly worthy of.

It is with this in mind that we are now, as you know, in the process as a KKI Global Ministry Family of dismantling our International Leadership Team and supportive international Eldership functions in order to make room for a new way of providing servant leadership for KKI.

While we appreciate the example of Loren, Darlene and those they chose to join them in forming a YWAM Founders Circle, and are appreciative of what we can learn from them, the time they took to process their changes and the steps they took to form what is now known as the YWAM Founders Circle is not exactly the same as ours. Consequently, we are needing our Father’s protection and clear leading in each step we take that is necessary for our situation.

Thus, we need to draw very near to our Heavenly Father–personally and collectively–in prayer, being sensitive to His Spirit as we take next steps of obedience to follow Him in the ways He is now leading us.

The three main intended purposes of our KKI Founders Fellowship Circle or FFC are:

  • Being guardians and promoters of our KKI Core Beliefs, Foundational Core Values, Supportive Principles, Legacy Words and Covenants.
  • Intercession and prophetic direction for the ministry.
  • Nurturing covenantal relationship within the FFC that provides an example of serving out of being, and overflows in strengthening regional leadership teams, communities and in convening KKI international gatherings.


In Our Father’s Love and for His Joy!



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